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Your overhead or roll-up commercial garage doors can change the look and feel of your office, apartment building or business for the better or worse. With so many different and frequent uses, commercial garage doors are critical for the flow of traffic and customers for your business. That is why we not only house technical experts in commercial garage door repair but we also carry all types of garage doors from commercial overhead garage doors to rolling steel garage doors. It is not only important to choose the right garage door for your apartment building, business or industrial property but also to make sure you properly maintain your garage doors for business continuity. This significant decision of finding the right commercial garage door installation contractor or Santa Monica commercial gate repair technician is a very important task for your business.

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Two popular types of commercial garage doors include overhead and roll-up styles. Commercial garage doors can have an aesthetic or industrial look, depending on your business. We offer competitive pricing and complimentary quotes.

Some styles we offer for commercial garage door installation include:

  • Full View Aluminum Doors: These commercial garage doors showcase a modern yet industrial, architectural design. The commercial garage doors provide open visibility and let in natural light.
  • Energy-Efficient Garage Doors: With polystyrene insulated steel, these commercial garage doors make your space more energy-efficient. Save on energy costs by controlling temperatures with these garage doors. Energy-efficient garage doors also have superior durability and reliability. Commercial energy-efficient garage doors have a long life span and various styles.
  • Polyurethane Steel Doors: These insulated commercial garage doors have durable materials. Choose from various gauges that give you durability based on your needs. You can choose from different designs and colors to make them less industrial. Choose from styles like standard, ribbed, flushed, embossed patterns, wood grain, or stucco.
  • Roll-Up Sheet Doors: Roll-up commercial sheet doors have wide grooved sheets of steel. The grooves in the door work with the system, and you open the garage door by rolling it up vertically.
  • Service Doors: You can choose different colors, materials, and designs of commercial service doors. Most material options include pre-finished galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. Gauges of commercial service doors typically run 24 to 18. Our team can install these for your business.
  • Counter Shutters: Select rolling counter doors, also known as shutters, for your commercial needs. Counter shutters come in standard or flame-retardant choices.

You may need commercial garage door repair for several reasons. Factors include work environment, age, weather, or increased activity. Your business will have either a rolling or overhead garage door. If the garage door becomes challenging to open and close, it will need repair. Our professional technicians perform repair services on all commercial garage doors. Prolonging commercial garage door repairs can create unsafe work environments or further damage. Both situations will have your company incur additional costs. Our experienced specialists will repair or replace broken components on your garage door.

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Our technicians can replace broken torsion springs on your commercial garage doors. Commercial environments can be harsh on springs due to frequent use. We see a lot of worn and damaged torsion springs. When a spring wears down or breaks, your commercial garage door will not function due to the weight shifting. You may have difficulty opening the garage door, see that it jerks, or closes too fast. Repairing a commercial garage door on your own can be dangerous due to the weight. Garage door spring repair may seem easy because it may only need one spring. However, with the risks involved, calling our professionals will keep you safe. Our specialists will come out and replace torsion springs. Our technicians have years of experience in garage door repairs. We will repair or and replace springs on your commercial garage door and prevent a dangerous work environment.

Contact us for spring repair services on your commercial garage door. We service Santa Monica, CA, and surrounding areas. Give us a call or get a quote through our online form.

You can also count on us for commercial garage door opener installation. Our garage door company offers quotes with competitive pricing. We install all types of operators for your commercial garage doors. Rolling commercial garage doors may use a hoist, gearhead, or jackshaft operators. We can install a light, medium, industrial, or heavy-duty industrial garage door opener or operator for your business.

To get a quote for garage door opener installation for your business, call or fill out our online form. We offer commercial garage door services to Santa Monica, CA, and nearby towns.

For commercial garage doors to function correctly, cables need to be in good condition. Broken or degraded cables will cause the garage door to not open or close easily. Your commercial garage door may even stop working if it has damaged cables. Commercial garage door cables can rust or fray and can cause more significant issues without replacement. Contact us for an inspection and commercial cable replacement services.

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